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Check all that apply to you right now...

You are feeling a lack of confidence and inner critics are beating you down…

You recycle self-doubt in your mind and it creates a lack of clarity around how to find entrepreneurial success…

You struggle to get ahead in your business and you’re worried about financial security…

You want to have the freedom to build a more joyful life, but you feel like you are trapped and can’t see your way out…

You feel guilty charging your clients, so you don’t- at your own expense…

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If you are ready to transform your current work and life challenges and take back your joy, money, and success, I would like to speak with you.

I’m Catherine Clift, and I coach people on how to overcome fear, confidence killers, and self-defeating thoughts that cause some catastrophic effects at work, in life, and around financial security.


As a businesswoman with Alopecia, I struggled with my confidence in my appearance and worth.  I learned how to overcome the self-defeating mindset that comes with unintended hair loss, but also with being joyful and successful no matter what has happened in your life.


We work through your personal challenges so you can achieve joyful abundance, self-love, financial freedom, and success doing the things you love.


I do this through:

•Mindset and Life Coaching
•EFT Tapping
•Certified Hypnotherapy through the Quantum Edge Healing Academy
•Sedona Method to release limits and blocks in your way of success

Get clarity on what’s been blocking you and how to correct it fast…

•Shift from limiting thoughts to an abundant mindset that will give you joy and freedom…

•Learn to maximize your gifts to get your business on track for success…

•Feel confident about yourself and your business-then finally charge what you are worth…

I offer an introductory”breakthrough” session to talk about what your challenge is and how we can tackle it together so that you can start being paid what you are worth. You could be building your confidence right now.

Book your session here

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Speaker Booking
Let Go & Abundance and Miracles Will Flow w/ Catherine Clift
WALK THE TALK Speaker Series

Let Go & Abundance and Miracles Will Flow w/ Catherine Clift


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I wasn't earning my full potential but couldn't figure out what was holding me back. Catherine coached me to quickly identify and remove my limiting beliefs and subconscious money blocks. Working with her was very freeing!  I've since changed professions and I now love my work! 

Elizabeth W., Real Estate Agent

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