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The Subconscious Mind: It Will Stop You In Your Tracks

In my last blog we touched briefly on the power of the subconscious mind. Its sole purpose is to keep you safe. So if you are in your comfort zone, everything is hunky dory, A-okay, status quo. But if you decide to get out of your comfort zone, say by setting an outrageous goal or starting your own business…look out! Whamoo!

The subconscious is like a sleeping guard dog who has awoken and is on the prowl. It is out to get you and it doesn’t care how it does it. Remember, I said its sole purpose is to make sure you survive not THRIVE.

Let me pause here, and give you some background. We have two minds the conscious or waking mind which comprises about 1 % of our thoughts and then there is the subconscious mind, the hidden mind, which makes up 99 % plus of our thoughts. And since these thoughts are subconscious it means they are hidden from our conscious mind, or in other words, we are not aware they are there. But just because we are not aware of them doesn’t mean they are not active and running or ruining are lives. For example, automatic behaviors, such as our fear of a certain situation, is watching the subconscious mind in action.

Let me give you an example from my own experience. I had just completed my first experience as a vendor for my new business and had even given a powerful talk during the event as well. I was feeling super proud of myself and my momentum to promote the business was at an all time high.

The next day I went to ride my horse and I was backing out of the driveway, I had a slight accident with my car which was only 8 months old. I didn’t notice that I was close to their fence and my bumper had wedged itself between two slats. I didn’t hear the warning beep from the car because I was on gravel and the crunching of the gravel drowned out the tiny little I beep. I also wasn’t in the habit at the time of using the backup camera (live and learn). So, when I attempted to pull away I heard this horrendous ripping noise. When I got out to look, I saw I had managed to rip most of the bumper off the car.

I was devastated. 

My boarders had to tie the bumper on with baling twine so I could get home. For the next three weeks or more, I didn’t think about the business. All that wonderful momentum was gone, like snow that melts under a hot sun. The subconscious mind had done its duty and done it well.

So, again, whenever you decide to do something new, that you’ve never tried before and you’re feeling a little unsure of yourself. Watch out!

The subconscious will strike like a snake in the tall grass. “Oh, no,” it hisses venomously, “That’s dangerous. You don’t want to do that. You don’t know what you are doing.” How many of us listen and throw in the towel after encountering the first hurdle thinking it is better to be safe than successful?

Too many unfortunately.

That is why I am so passionate about this work. I want you to be successful. But it takes a lot of courage to overcome that nasty subconscious mind. You can’t do it alone. That’s why you need a coach.

That’s what I do. I’m here for  you.

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